A new era in Cinema

What is an Iris Optimized Theater?

Iris is a new cinema standard that aims to provide moviegoers with the best possible experience from every seat in the theater. We utilize light measuring devices to calculate the necessary tilt, and curvature for the ideal screen location, ensuring an ideal and consistent experience across theaters.

Iris Delivers:

Brighter imagery

Image brightness and a new screen go hand-in-hand.  Add world leading screen technology for a truly dazzling picture.

Vibrant colors

Older cinema screens can make colors seem dull.  With Iris you view vibrant colors on a fresh screen specifically selected to compliment the auditorium.

Image clarity

Nano-technology coating technologies on the screen deliver an Imagine clarity which places you in the scene of the movie.

Whiter whites and darker darks

Contrast is key to defining image quality.  Iris optimization maintains the darkest blacks and the brightest whites to ensure a superior presentation.


Iris recommends the most appropriate screen selection and accurate auditorium modelling meaning the movie can be enjoyed with better image uniformity across the whole of the screen.

Wider viewing angles

Iris technology doesn’t just optimize the popular seats in the middle of the theatre… it makes the picture better wherever you choose to sit.